Constellation Software Inc. Invests in MOPSsys.

Toronto based Constellation Software Inc. (CSI) has acquired 100% of the shares of Eurocon MOPSsys AB (Sweden) and Eurocon MOPSsys Inc.(Canada).  MOPSsys is a market leading software company in pulp and paper for process information systems (PIMS) and quality management systems (QMS).

“Joining CSI with over 350 software product developing companies will boost our opportunity to continue the extensive development plan MOPSsys has both for our product, MOPS 4.0 and our global business,” says Hans Hallin, CEO, Eurocon MOPSsys AB.  “Especially a close cooperation with MAJIQ Inc., also a CSI company and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) market leader.  This combination will strengthen MOPSsys’ existing North American and Australasian markets.”

“MAJIQ, a global leader in software for the pulp, paper, and nonwovens industry, is excited to be able to offer the complementing MOPSsys PIMS and QMS solutions to our customers.  Born in the center of the Nordic pulp and paper industry, MOPSsys brings over 35 years of expertise in delivering best of breed solutions for optimizing paper machine and pulp line performance,” says Steve Latham, President, MAJIQ Inc.

Due to the ownership change Eurocon MOPSsys AB and Eurocon MOPSsys Inc. will change name to MOPSsys AB and MOPSsys Inc.

MAJIQ Inc. and MOPSsys are part of the Perseus Operating group.

About Perseus

The Perseus operating group is a provider of software solutions to a number of vertical markets. As an operating group of Constellation Software Inc., Perseus acquires, manages, and builds software businesses which provide specialized, mission-critical software solutions. Perseus companies seek to become leaders in their markets by improving their operations, growing through organic initiatives, and seeking acquisitions that can strengthen their market position.

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Constellation acquires, manages and builds vertical market software businesses that provide mission-critical software solutions. Further information about Constellation may be obtained from its website at