Our Industries

Having acquired more than 30 vertical market software companies, we at Perseus Group offer stability, reliability and opportunities to grow.


Constellation Homebuilder Systems

As the largest provider of software and services in the building industry, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems has two goals: to empower builders with information to drive business objectives and to simplify the process of building homes and condos so you can maximize your return on investment. 


NEWSTAR Enterprise is the one enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system that powers your entire homebuilding, condo or land development business and is flexible enough to adapt to your business processes, operations, trades and customer relationships, while tracking every dollar earned and spent along the way. NEWSTAR is a production and accounting system that helps you make faster business decisions, reduce costs and drive growth.



BuildTopia is an integrated web-based construction management system for residential builders, bringing all tasks, processes and workflow together as a single system with purchasing, project management and job-costing technology.

Sales 1440

Sales1440® provides lead management, sales automation, and customer relationship management (CRM) designed specifically for today’s builder.


LandDev is an operational system for your land development department providing exceptional development control and utilizing “best practices” to automate workflow, manage costs, monitor cash flow and job schedules to help manage cash flow needs and improve vendor relations with accurate and timely billing.


The Conasys Homeowner Care Platform was built specifically for new home builders and developers, offering fully interactive homeowner- and builder-specific portals that will fundamentally change how you view homeowner care and the homeownership experience.


The FAST Builder Management System automatically monitors every aspect of your home building operation, allowing builders and developers to make critical decisions quickly and proactively by automating processes, track costs and schedules, and quickly isolating problem areas.

Woodland, O’Brien & Scott

An industry leader in customer satisfaction strategies and homeowner surveys, Woodland, O’Brien & Scott helps homebuilders to enhance customer satisfaction, increase referral sales, reduce warranty costs and improve employee morale.



DIS is the leading provider of business system software to agricultural, construction and material handling dealers and distributors in North America.

Integrated Dealer Systems

Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS) is a leading management software provider for RV, Marine and Trailer dealerships. Most dealerships struggle with keeping their operation lean and organized, so we built software that puts all your dealership activities in one place, providing you with an easy way
to eliminate inefficiencies and grow your business.

Ideal Computer Systems

Ideal Computer Systems is a management software provider for Outdoor Power Equipment, Powersports, Marine, RV, Trailer and Golf Car dealerships.

Ibcos Computer Systems

Ibcos is the UK industry leader of machinery dealership software. For more than 37 years, Ibcos has helped agricultural, groundcare, and construction dealers manage their businesses successfully with Gold, a powerful technology platform based on industry best practices and standards.

Constellation Automotive Software

Constellation Automotive Software delivers a complete set of tools that mid-sized Buy Here Pay Here car dealers need to manage their entire business in real-time.

Paulson Computer Systems

For more than 20 years, Paulson Computer Systems has specialized in providing industry specific software products for Outdoor Power Equipment and Marine management.


c-Systems provides business management software designed specifically for outdoor power equipment, powersports and agricultural dealers and distributors.

Broker (Real Estate)

Market Leader

A pioneer in lead generation and contact management systems, Market Leader has been helping agents and teams manage, grow, and thrive since 1999. Market Leader proudly serves over 200,000 agents and teams across the United States and Canada.


Zurple provides thousands of Realtors with a robust marketing automation platform.

Z57 Internet Solutions

Z57 was born in December of 1998 and has been leading the pack as an innovative real estate marketing company ever since. The Z57 product is specifically for agents, teams, and small to mid-size offices focused on an online and social media presence.

Constellation Web Solutions

For over a decade Constellation Web Solutions has provided leaders in the Real Estate industry with complete real estate solutions, websites, lead management and e-mail marketing technologies.

Diverse Solutions

Diverse Solutions provides technology to help real estate professionals manage their brands in a fast and easy way. Products include listings-search platforms, mapping capability and email management software for real estate agents.


For over 15 years, the Birdview products have been providing offices, teams and real estate agents with an effective web presence.


Constellation Financing Systems

Constellation Financing Systems Corporation is a software and service provider of CRM, origination, credit, document management, leasing, and loan management software to leading financial institutions, leasing companies, and equipment manufacturers.

Manufacturing Software


MAJIQ is a leader in enterprise software and services for the pulp and paper industry.

POMS Corporation

POMS is a leading provider of MES solutions for the healthcare products industries (pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, medical devices).



EDIWISE is the leading provider of paper inventory management products and services for the publishing and printing industries.



MOPSsys provides a software product suite for pulp and paper process information management and quality management that enable the integration and analysis of all mill information systems.

Consulting Solutions /Staffing


G.1440 is a Baltimore-based website design and digital marketing company focused on providing end-to-end digital solutions to its clients.

G.1440 Staffing

G.1440 Staffing is a boutique firm in Timonium, Maryland that provides IT consulting and staffing services for over 600 clients across the United States.



GoldCare is a leading provider of healthcare information management software for community, residential, and long-term care organizations.

Quantitave Medical Systems

Quantitative Medical Systems (QMS) is an industry leading supplier of clinical and billing software specific to the dialysis community.

Auto Clubs


Campana (AXIS) provides stand-alone or integrated solutions for auto clubs, improving member relationships, reducing operating costs, and increasing productivity.

Specialty Retail

Magstar Inc.

Magstar offers out-of-the-box, industry-specific ERP solutions to mid-sized, multi-location retailers across North America. Magstar TOTAL Retail is an award-winning omni channel solution that covers your entire operation from your brick and mortar stores, through your warehouse and head office.