After the Customer Site Visit – What Software Companies Can Do To Get Better ROI

For the last few weeks, I have been discussing my favourite ROI initiative for Software Companies, Customer Site Visits. First we discussed why site visits are so profitable, then I discussed what to do to prepare and on the day of. Now, we are going to look at what to do after the meeting to enhance the ROI of the initiative.

After the Meeting

At the end of the meeting, you will write a Business Review document that includes the following:

  • Executive Meeting review – who attended and what was discussed
  • Process or configuration change recommendations
  • General questions and answers
  • Items to be addressed as part of maintenance
  • Enhancement opportunities
  • Add-on suggestions

Track all items as tickets so you can follow-up and keep your client in the loop.

Dos and Don’ts


  • Be prepared for difficult questions and critiques
  • Be positive, empathetic and help users be comfortable
  • Tell the truth and communicate your commitments
  • Remember that from your point of view, this is a sales call


  • Confuse an Account Management visit with a social visit
  • Provide specialist services such as accounting – identify those and sell them later
  • Wait too long between your visit and the documentation


As you can see, these meetings can provide both a revenue opportunity and a way to further understand your customer.

Customer Benefits:

  • Learn about software and services that they could pursue in the coming year
  • Feeling like they got value from the meeting including free training and quick wins

Your Benefits:

  • Targeted sales opportunities for revenue growth
  • See if there are any risks in the relationship
  • Get good feedback for your development path

To learn more about Site Visits, download our Complete Guide to Customer Site Visits for Software Companies.

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